July 24, 2024  
Mission Contract

Please provide the following contact information for your VIM team mission request.

Sponsor Church Name:*
Pastor Name:*
Phone Number: *
Contact Person Name:
Phone Number:
Cell Phone:
Email Address:
Dates Requested:
Youth (Ages 14-17)
Children under 14 must have prior approval. 
Total Team:

(Please confirm the number on your team one month prior to your arrival date)

Amount of Deposit Included:
$50.00 per person ($500 Min) 


Skill Level: Roofing: ___ Deck/Ramp: ___ Ext Painting: ___ Sheet Rock: ___ Other: ________________ 
Please Note: Short shorts are not allowed to be worn while at the Ministry Center. Sunday Worship begins at 5pm will supper following immediately after. Please call if you are going to be later than that as you may need to schedule your Sunday evening meal on the road. Children under 14 must have prior approval from the Ministry Center Staff.

I have reviewed and agree to the terms of the fee schedule and understand dates are not final until the contract and deposit are received. If you need to cancel we try to work with you if given advanced notice, but understand we turn teams down because you have booked your mission. Refunds will be based on the ability to schedule a new team in your place. We commit to you and expect the same consideration.

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